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At HACA, you get all the support to land your dream career. We understand you are investing in your future by joining us. It is why we take it as our responsibility to give a 100% placement guide from our side. 

Once you join us, you join a force of the top 1% of digital marketers from all across the globe. 

We have industry connections with big names in business through effective partnerships, collaboration or networking. We will identify your talents and refer you to them accordingly. 

Did you forget that Haris & Co. is one of the fastest-growing and largest digital marketing agencies in Kerala? We handpick talents apt for various roles at our agency. These opportunities are rarely advertised publicly, for we want skilled people who are experts in specific fields. Who better than our students for the same?

We also provide internships at various companies across the globe for various digital marketing roles because internships are your chance to become experts in your field by learning from existing experts. 

We conduct placement programs with expert hiring managers to teach you how to make your resume effectively because it is a crucial aspect of landing your dream job. 

Our dedication to making you a top 1% digital marketer continues after you graduate from our academy. We will be your pillar of support till you find your expertise. 

Our alumni community is another networking group that will boost your growth exponentially. 

Check out our youtube to see some of our student’s success stories. Next could be yours!

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