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Optimizing their online presence, driving targeted traffic, or boosting conversions, our clients have seen positive results – students get to work with them hand in hand.

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Course Syllabus


This course covers the A to Z of digital marketing, from foundational level to cross-channel marketing tactics.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing


Basics of UI Design

Influencer Marketing

Pricing & Client Handling

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Personal Branding

WhatsApp Marketing

Creative Strategy

E-Commerce Marketing

Basics of Production

Shopify Development

Content Writing

Social Media Marketing

WordPress Web Development

Meta Ads


Meet our bright students who secured their dream careers with Haris&Co Academy. We assist in securing job opportunities with resume assistance, mock interviews, and potential employer connections.

Our Mentors

Learn your Digital Marketing Course in Kochi with our industry experts who have experience working with premium brands like Kairali TMT, Walkaroo, Volkswagon, etc. They will guide you through every step of your learning, ensuring personalized support and guidance along the way.

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More than theory, Haris&Co Academy focuses on Practical Learning through real-world projects, workshops, and internships. Students receive guidance from mentors who are experts in their field. With a 100% placement guarantee, We assist you in landing your dream career in Digital Marketing.

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Digital Marketing

There are endless possibilities in the field of Digital Marketing. With Haris&Co Academy, you can specialize in any field and become an industry expert. Our comprehensive syllabus equips students to secure a job in any area of Digital Marketing.


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our Students

Listen to the success stories of our students at Harisandcoacademy. Hear how our Digital Marketing course transformed their future with a bright career


I was always passionate about writing, storytelling and being creative. But I was nurturing my skills without any vision. I was always thinking about finding a space for applying my skills inside conventional careers options. I believe there is a time and space built for everyone. Lucky for me, I found Haris & Co, the best digital marketing institute in Kerala. 


I must admit that over four months, Haris & Co. Academy completely reshaped me from someone who had no idea what Digital Marketing is to someone who is now a confident Digital marketer. Everything from the trainers, their methods, and the environment makes them stand out as the best digital marketing institute in Kerala. 


Until I joined Haris & Co. Academy, I believed education was pointless and tutors didn’t care. More than an Academy. It’s a place where you can meet scholars and experts offering the best digital marketing courses in Kerala. You should reach for this rope if you’re looking for an opportunity in Digital Marketing. Do not expect someone to pull you up. Just put in your effort, and the rope won’t fail you. 

Life at HACA

Our vibrant community goes beyond learning, offering a space for shared experiences, cherished memories, and participation in a variety of enriching activities.


The best digital marketing course in Kochi is preferably based on practical learning rather than just theory. Also, it should have placement assistance and specialization to navigate students to their dream careers.

The fee for a digital marketing course in Kerala typically ranges from 25,000 to 1,00,000 depending upon the syllabus, duration, and course provider. 


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There are no particular eligibility criteria for joining a digital marketing course. You can enroll in any such program right after 12th grade.

The average salary of a digital marketer in Kerala depends on their experience and skill sets. However, a fresher with ample knowledge in the industry can earn on average INR 30,000 a month.

Absolutely, you can earn a decent amount from digital marketing either as a freelancer or as a full-time professional.

Yes, digital marketing is an excellent career opportunity to consider. The industry is exponentially growing opening opportunities for digital marketers worldwide.

Digital marketing is a high-paying job. You can get a handsome paycheck starting from INR 30,000 even as a fresher.

The average duration of a digital marketing course is 4 to 6 months. Our comprehensive course is spread across 4 months of which one month is dedicated to specialization.

Presenting You The Best Digital Marketing Course in Kochi 

If you are searching for the most innovative Digital Marketing Institute, Haris&Co Academy is the perfect option. HACA’s online Digital Marketing Course in Kochi is not simply a random course you stumble upon. 

It is the most comprehensive and intricately designed course that can equip you to launch a successful career in the field. Keeping practical learning at the forefront and guided by industry experts, HACA promises the best learning experience for all students.

How We Have Designed Your Digital Marketing Learning Journey at HACA

Digital Marketing is a dynamic industry and to stay afloat you need to keep up with the trends and constantly evolving challenges. We understand this better than any other institute as our course is guided by tier-one professionals who have worked with exceptional brands and have created significant results for them.

This understanding is what makes our Digital Marketing Course in Kochi different. Here is why this is the perfect course:

1. Practical Learning

HACA believes in learning by doing as merely mugging up theory isn’t fruitful. So to give you a clear idea of how things work and retain what you learn in your memory, we root for practical learning. You will get the chance to work on real-world projects, get valuable feedback, and showcase your work on your portfolio.

2. Industry Veterans as Mentors

For each module, we have mentors who are pros in their fields to guide you through. With relevant work experience and insights from their successful career, you can also get a glimpse into the industry and emulate their strategies as well.

3. Updated Course Syllabus

Undeniably, digital marketing is always evolving. Therefore it is a must to update the course with the changing momentum. Our mentors critically evaluate the course syllabus frequently to ensure that the students are equipped enough to meet the requirements employers demand.

4. Connect With Industry Leaders

At HACA, you have the opportunity to build and converse with thought leaders in the industry. You will find people who have similar interests and passions. Such a closely-knit community enables you to find amazing opportunities that may even shift your career path!

The Only Comprehensive Digital Marketing Course in Kochi Based On Practical Learning

We are the only Digital Marketing Institute in Kerala that offers 90% practical learning. Our comprehensive course syllabus covers everything in Digital Marketing starting from the fundamentals to advanced level specialization.

Moreover, we promise 100% placement support through our dedicated course coordinators and placement officers. Our syllabus includes portfolio and resume building, interview preparation, and training.

Kickstart Your Career with Our Online Digital Marketing Institute in Kochi

With the support of HACA, get a headstart on your dream career and enjoy the benefits of practical learning.

Enroll in our comprehensive course now to join the tribe of the top 1% Practical Digital Marketers in Kerala.

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