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Graphic Designing Course in Kerala

Presenting the graphic design course offered by Haris & Co. Design School in Kerala. This course offers the opportunity to develop skills as a graphic designer, with a focus on building a strong portfolio and attracting real clients.


500+ Students

50+ Mentors

9.3/10 Rating

50+ Placement Partners

500+ Students

50+ Mentors

9.3/10 Rating

50+ Placement Partners

Creative Design
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Graphic Design

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Motion Graphics

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Video Editing

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Meet our bright students who secured their dream careers with Harisandcoacademy. We assist in securing job opportunities with resume assistance, mock interviews, and potential employer connections.

100% practical orientated

Our course covers a wide range of topics, including graphic design principles, typography, color theory, layout design, image editing, branding, and digital illustration. Our practical assignments and projects will help you develop your design skills and build a professional portfolio.

Live Projects With Leading Brands

Get hands-on experience with live projects offered by diverse top brands like Afyun, Care n Cure pharmacy, Walkaroo and many more.

Mentorship from Skilled Practitioners

Learn from experienced graphic designers who are passionate about teaching and mentoring aspiring creatives. Benefit from personalized feedback and guidance to help you reach your full potential.

Internship Opportunities

As part of the training process, we give you great internship opportunities to work with high professionals in the industry.

100% placement assistance

We guarantee career development support, including resume building, portfolio reviews, and job placement assistance.

Build portfolio With Real Clients

We help you build good portfolio with real clients through our internship opportunities and by working with leading project brands in the industry.


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Graphic Designer Mentor


Graphic Design Mentor


Graphic Design Mentor

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Frequently Asked Questions

As graphic design is a practical creative ability best learned by hands-on experience, the best course for graphic design in Calicut would be an offline one. We provide thorough graphic design instruction that covers not only graphic design but also motion graphics, UI/UX, and video editing.

Depending on the school and program level, graphic design courses in Calicut, Kerala, might have different costs. A fresher may earn between INR 20,000 and INR 50,000, but as they get experience, their pay may go up to INR 1 lakh or more (depending on how much work they do).

Depending on the location, kind of school, and program level, studying graphic design can have a wide range of costs. For comprehensive course details, including costs and schedule, get in touch with our staff. (Contact details)

The role of a graphic designer extends beyond simply producing visual content for different mediums such as advertisements, websites, and social media platforms. They utilize their creative expertise and practical abilities to effectively communicate messages and information.

The top-notch opportunities in the field of graphic design encompass a range of roles such as Graphic Designer, Art Director, Web Designer, UX/UI Designer, Packaging Designer, and Creative Director. The ideal job for you would be determined by your interests and skill set.

To begin a profession in graphic design, you have the option to pursue these procedures: Acquire the essential education and training by enrolling in courses such as ours. Develop a compelling portfolio that displays your work. Pursue internships or freelance projects to gain practical experience. Stay informed about current design trends and software applications. Establish connections with industry experts.

Creative abilities, proficiency in design software (such as Adobe Creative Suite), attention to detail, effective communication skills, time management, and the capacity to adapt to emerging design trends and technologies are all essential for graphic designers to achieve success. These valuable skills can be acquired through our top-notch graphic design course in Calicut, which offers hands-on learning opportunities by collaborating with real clients.

Graphic designers have a bright future ahead, as their expertise in digital marketing, web design, and branding is increasingly in demand. With businesses relying heavily on visual communication, the role of graphic designers remains crucial.

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About Community

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Haris&Co. Design School offering Graphic designing  course in Kerala

In the bustling creative hub of Calicut, aspiring graphic designers often struggled to find comprehensive graphic designing course in Kerala. Recognizing this gap, Haris&Co. Academy launched Design School, a premier design institute in Kerala, with a mission to offer the finest graphic design education. Our aim is to make top-tier design training accessible, nurturing the next generation of creative talents in Calicut.

Graphic Designing Course in Kerala

As social media’s influence on branding skyrockets, the demand for adept graphic designers has surged, prompting us to cultivate the Top 1% of skilled practitioners. This commitment has established us as the leading graphic design institute in Calicut, offering design course in Kerala that go beyond mere theory. Our students gain invaluable hands-on experience through live projects and placement assistance, ensuring they’re industry-ready upon graduation.

Your Graphic Design Institute in Kerala

Elevate your creative prowess and imaginative thinking in the creative field with our comprehensive graphic design fundamentals course. We address the challenges faced by novice designers by providing a rich learning environment, where you’ll master the latest software and techniques, aligning your skills with industry demands. As you gain practical experience, your confidence will soar, enhancing your career prospects and personal development as a graphic designer.

How To Know Which Design Course Is Best For You?

When selecting a graphic designing course in Calicut, consider key factors such as graphic design course duration, faculty expertise, modern facilities, and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a rewarding learning experience. Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to cater to designers at all levels, taught by seasoned professionals. With industry connections for internships and job placements, our program prepares you for a thriving career in the ever-evolving graphic design landscape.

Certification From a Graphic Design Institute in Kerala

While portfolio building is our primary focus, earning a certificate from a reputable graphic design school in Calicut can serve as a testament to your skills and dedication. Our design institute offers certificate courses that can significantly boost your status as a professional graphic designer, covering essential topics and offering job placement support. With the right certification, you’ll enhance your marketability and take a significant step towards realizing your graphic design career aspirations.

Job Opportunities After Completing Graphic Design course

The career opportunities for graphic designers are abundant, with competitive graphic designer salary prospects in Kerala. Whether you’re fresh from completing a graphic design course or an experienced professional, a multitude of exciting career paths await your exploration.

Graphic Designer: Becoming a graphic designer is a natural choice for many in the field. As a professional, you’ll craft visual concepts that engage, inform, and inspire audiences, showcasing your creative expertise to potential clients searching for ‘graphic designers near me’.

Web Designer: In the digital era, web technologies are advancing rapidly, making web design a field brimming with potential. As a web designer, you will craft engaging and functional website designs that cater to the needs of online businesses and their quest for user-friendly interfaces.

UI/UX Designer: At the heart of crafting compelling digital products lies the expertise of UI/UX design. UI/UX designers play a pivotal role in elevating the user experience, ensuring that apps, software, and websites are not only intuitive but also aesthetically pleasing.

Brand Identity Designer: Establishing a strong brand identity design is essential for businesses aiming to stand out. A brand identity designer meticulously crafts logos and develops typography and color palettes that become the visual hallmark of a brand, often incorporating logo design as a key element of their creative process.

Packaging Designer: The art of packaging design is key to captivating customers and setting products apart in the marketplace. As a packaging designer, your role is to create product packaging that is not just visually appealing but also functional and reflective of a brand’s identity.

Motion Graphics Designer: With the rise of digital media, motion graphics design has become a sought-after skill in video production, advertising, and social media. As a motion graphics designer, you are tasked with crafting animated visual elements that bolster storytelling and captivate viewers.

Illustrator: For those with a talent for drawing and creating distinctive visuals, pursuing a career in digital illustration can be a rewarding path. Illustrators find their niche in diverse industries, from publishing to advertising and gaming, bringing unique concepts to life.

Freelance Designer: Embracing the role of a freelance graphic designer offers the flexibility and independence to work on your own terms. This path allows you to engage with a variety of clients across different industries, providing the chance to work on a multitude of projects and cultivate a broad and versatile portfolio.

The graphic design career opportunities are set to expand in the near future, promising an array of job prospects for those equipped with the right skills, creativity, and a robust portfolio. Embarking on a successful career in the vibrant realm of graphic design is within reach for those prepared to seize these opportunities.

Do you have questions like these in mind,

What is the salary of a fresher Graphic Designer in Calicut?

What constitutes the graphic design institute eligibility criteria for gaining admission into Calicut’s premier Graphic Design institute?

Here are three graphic designer salary determinants that companies weigh before finalizing a designer’s remuneration:

Designers are pivotal to a company’s triumph, offering valuable insights and expertise that shape the brand image and enhance user experience. In the realm of salary decisions for experienced professionals, companies evaluate:

  1. Experience: The graphic designer’s experience level is a key factor, with companies often offering higher salaries to those who bring a wealth of skills and insights to the team.
  2. Skill set: A designer’s graphic design skill set, particularly in sought-after areas like UX/UI design or motion graphics, can significantly influence their earning potential. Companies are willing to offer higher compensation for these specialized skills.
  3. Portfolio: A compelling graphic designer portfolio that effectively exhibits a designer’s past projects can be instrumental in negotiating higher salaries.

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