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Graphic Designing Course in Calicut

Introducing Haris &Co. Design School’s  graphic designing course in Calicut to become a skilled graphic designer while building a good portfolio and land real clients.


500+ Students

50+ Mentors

9.3/10 Rating

50+ Placement Partners

500+ Students

50+ Mentors

9.3/10 Rating

50+ Placement Partners

Creative Design
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Graphic Design

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Meet our bright students who secured their dream careers with Harisandcoacademy. We assist in securing job opportunities with resume assistance, mock interviews, and potential employer connections.

100% practical orientated

Our course covers a wide range of topics, including graphic design principles, typography, color theory, layout design, image editing, branding, and digital illustration. Our practical assignments and projects will help you develop your design skills and build a professional portfolio.

Live Projects With Leading Brands

Get hands-on experience with live projects offered by diverse top brands like Afyun, Care n Cure pharmacy, Walkaroo and many more.

Mentorship from Skilled Practitioners

Learn from experienced graphic designers who are passionate about teaching and mentoring aspiring creatives. Benefit from personalized feedback and guidance to help you reach your full potential.

Internship Opportunities

As part of the training process, we give you great internship opportunities to work with high professionals in the industry.

100% placement assistance

We guarantee career development support, including resume building, portfolio reviews, and job placement assistance.

Build portfolio With Real Clients

We help you build good portfolio with real clients through our internship opportunities and by working with leading project brands in the industry.


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Graphic Designer Mentor


Graphic Design Mentor


Graphic Design Mentor

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Frequently Asked Questions

As graphic design is a practical creative ability best learned by hands-on experience, the best course for graphic design in Calicut would be an offline one. We provide thorough graphic design instruction that covers not only graphic design but also motion graphics, UI/UX, and video editing.

Depending on the school and program level, graphic design courses in Calicut, Kerala, might have different costs. A fresher may earn between INR 20,000 and INR 50,000, but as they get experience, their pay may go up to INR 1 lakh or more (depending on how much work they do).

Depending on the location, kind of school, and program level, studying graphic design can have a wide range of costs. For comprehensive course details, including costs and schedule, get in touch with our staff. (Contact details)

If you are looking for the best institute in Calicut to become a skilled graphic design professional, you are at the right place. The entire purpose of design school is to provide a platform for creative people to pursue their ideal careers globally.

Yes, a profession in graphic design is fulfilling and in demand. Since graphic designers are in high demand for their ability to communicate visually, it provides creative opportunities across a wide range of industries.

Talents like creativity, mastery of design tools (like Adobe Creative Suite), attention to detail, communication abilities, time management, and an ability to adapt to emerging design trends and technology are all necessary for successful graphic designers. All of these, however, are readily learned through our top graphic design school in Calicut, which offers hands-on training while collaborating with actual clients.

To start a career in graphic design, you can follow these steps:
1. Get the necessary training through courses like ours.
2. Build a strong portfolio showcasing your work.
3. Seek internships or freelance opportunities to gain experience.
4. Stay updated with design trends and software tools.
5. Network with professionals in the field.

The best graphic design jobs include positions like Graphic Designer, Art Director, Web Designer, UX/UI Designer, Packaging Designer, and Creative Director. The specific job that’s best for you depends on your interests and skills.

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About Community

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Haris&Co. Design School offers Graphic Designing Course in Calicut

Calicut’s Haris&Co. Design School provides courses in graphic design.
A shortage of reputable graphic design courses in Calicut made it challenging for people to find careers in the creative fields of motion graphics, video editing, graphic design, and UI/UX.

After learning that there was a lack of a suitable framework for encouraging enthusiastic designers, we founded Design School under Haris&Co. Academy with the intention of providing the best graphic design courses in Calicut to all those aspiring to creative design and communication.

Graphic Design Academy in Calicut

The need for qualified graphic designers has increased dramatically in recent years as social media has made branding more popular than ever. In order to become the top graphic design institute in Calicut, we went above and beyond to produce the Top 1% skilled practitioners.

We believe that only offering course modules and teaching about tools cannot ensure anyone a successful career in creative design and communication. That’s where we apply what we’ve learned practically. Here, you can gain experience while working on projects in real time with actual clients.

How To Know Which Design Course Is Best For You?

To prevent being let down throughout the learning process, be sure to consider some of the following considerations when selecting your graphic design training in Calicut. Our extensive course covers every facet of graphic design, from the fundamentals of design principles to sophisticated techniques and software proficiency. Industry professionals with years of experience in the sector are teaching the course.

The module is designed so that designers of any level of expertise, from beginners to experts, can take advantage of it.  It is crucial to think about the curriculum, teachers, facilities, and employment prospects before selecting any course. Look for institutions with industry-relevant courses and partnerships to reputable businesses for internship and employment opportunities.A lively field with excellent job prospects is graphic design.

You can work in a number of areas, such as publishing, media, marketing, and advertising, if you have the necessary qualifications.In the upcoming years, there will likely be an even greater demand for graphic designers, therefore this is a great career path to follow.

Certification From A Graphic Design Institute in Calicut

Although we strongly believe in portfolio building and don’t really advocate for certifications, you can use diplomas from a renowned graphic design school in Calicut to gain initial confirmation for your expertise and dedication to learning through hard work. Having the necessary abilities and credentials is unquestionably important when it comes to pursuing a profession in graphic design.

Candidates with appropriate certificates in addition to a solid portfolio are becoming more and more sought after by employers.Our Calicut design institute provides certification programs that will significantly improve your chances of becoming a graphic designer. Multiple topics are covered in the course, including  software skills, typography, color theory, and design concepts.

Job opportunities After Completing Graphic Design Course

There are several career prospects available for graphic designers. Here are some interesting job options to consider, regardless of how long you’ve been in the field of graphic design:

Graphic designer: The most obvious option is the graphic designer. It will be your job as a graphic designer to convey thoughts and create visuals that enthrall and motivate viewers.

Web Designer: The necessity for user-friendly websites and the growth of online businesses make web design a very promising area. As a web designer, you can make appealing and useful website designs.
UI/UX Designer: When developing applications, software, and websites, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design are essential components. UI/UX designers are in charge of improving the user experience as a whole and creating aesthetically pleasing and intuitive interfaces.

Brand Identity Designer:  In order for businesses to have a significant online presence, branding is essential. A designer of brand identities crafts fonts, color palettes, logos, and other visual components that symbolize a company.

Packaging Designer: Products can be distinguished from one another and draw in buyers with effective packaging. As a packaging designer, you will create product packaging that complements a brand’s identity while also being aesthetically pleasing and useful.

Motion Graphics Designer: In social media, advertising, and video production, motion graphics are growing in popularity. You will produce animated visual elements as a motion graphics designer to improve narrative and draw viewers in.

Illustrator: If you have artistic talent and can produce original illustrations, you should think about pursuing a career in illustration. Illustrators are employed by a number of sectors, such as gaming, advertising, and publishing.

Freelance Designer: Freelancing can be a rewarding choice if you prefer the independence and flexibility of working at your own pace. You have the option to accept projects from different companies and sectors, which will provide you the chance to work on a variety of projects and develop a flexible portfolio.

Designers play an essential role in the success of companies, as their creative skills and visual expertise contribute to the overall brand image and user experience.

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Join us and embark on an exciting journey into the world of graphic design! Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned designer looking to expand your skill set, our Graphic Design Course has something to offer everyone.

Take the first step towards realizing your creative potential and sign up for our course today!

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