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Video Editing Course in Calicut

Launch your Video Editing career with  Haris&Co. Design School’s Video Editing course in Calicut. Build a stellar portfolio and work on real-world projects.


500+ Students

50+ Mentors

9.3/10 Rating

50+ Placement Partners

500+ Students

50+ Mentors

9.3/10 Rating

50+ Placement Partners

Video Editing
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Video Editing

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Meet our bright students who secured their dream careers with Harisandcoacademy. We assist in securing job opportunities with resume assistance, mock interviews, and potential employer connections.

100% practical orientated

Our course covers a wide range of topics, including the basics of filmmaking, color grading, masking, and audio editing. Our practical assignments and projects will help you develop your skills and build a professional portfolio.

Live Projects With Leading Brands

Get hands-on experience with live projects offered by diverse top brands like Afyun, Care n Cure pharmacy, Walkaroo, and many more.

Mentorship from Skilled Practitioners

Learn from experienced video editors who are passionate about teaching and mentoring aspiring creatives. Benefit from personalized feedback and guidance to help you reach your full potential.

Internship Opportunities

As part of the training process, we give you great internship opportunities to work with high professionals in the industry.

100% placement assistance

We guarantee career development support, including resume building, portfolio reviews, and job placement assistance.

Build portfolio With Real Clients

We help you build a good portfolio with real clients through our internship opportunities and by working with leading project brands in the industry.


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Graphic Designer Mentor


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Frequently Asked Questions

A course that helps you gain hands-on experience along with learning the necessary tools is perfect to start your career. Also, look for qualified mentors who have industry-relevant experience.

The fee for a video editing course can vary according to the location, institute, and program level. Although there are many free courses available online, they might not be enough to build your career from scratch.

You can opt for a Bachelor’s degree in Film production and audio and video editing. But it will take years to complete. It is best to prefer a short course to start your career fast enough.

Follow a course to learn from the fundamentals to the advanced levels of video editing. You will have to understand various theories and concepts related to this field to study video editing. So getting expert guidance will help you figure it all out.

Yes, video editing is a good career that presents a lot of earning potential. If you are a creative person who enjoys visual storytelling, video editing can be a rewarding career for you.

At Haris&Co Design School, the duration of the course is 2+1 months, and 1 month is dedicated to internship.

As the demand for visual content is increasing due to social media influence and more businesses going digital, the demand for video editors is only going to increase.

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About Community

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Haris&Co. Design School offers Video Editing Courses in Calicut

The Design School launched the Video Editing course in Calicut to help aspiring creators master video editing and build a career with their skills. Although there are plenty of job opportunities in the field of video editing, hardly people get there. 

Through our comprehensive course, you will learn key tools, hone your skills, and create a portfolio. With the partnership of Haris&Co, you can easily land your dream job in no time.

Video Editing Academy in Calicut

Learn from top-tier professionals, and get expert guidance and honest feedback from the best video editing training academy in Calicut. With the surge of video content via social media, there is a significant demand for video editors. 

To develop the Top 1% of skilled video editors, our program is rooted in practical learning. Students get hands-on experience through real-world projects and project assistance. We ensure that our course doesn’t promote mugging up but enriches their creative spirit.

Finding the Best Video Editing Course 

To reap the maximum benefits of any course, you should check whether the syllabus and the institution can provide exactly what you want. Also, the quality of your mentors is crucial. 

So analyze any institution before enrolling. Look at their ratings, reviews, course outlines, and placements. This will give you an insight into the institution and you can thus decide whether or not to pursue the course.

Build A Promising Career With The Best Video Editing Institute in Calicut

Our course is designed to secure your future and is customized according to your learning style. Earn not just a certification, but a promise for your future with the guidance of top-notch faculties and live projects. We believe in portfolio building and skill development.

After you successfully complete our course, you will have numerous projects to showcase on your portfolio along with the certification from a credible academy. Be a sought-after video editor with proficiency in multiple tools, technology, and current trends. 

Job opportunities After Completing Our Video Editing Course In Calicut

Video editing is a rapidly growing field with a diverse range of opportunities. Here’s a breakdown of some common career paths you can take:

Freelance Video Editor:

Work on a variety of projects with different clients, offering flexibility and control over your schedule. Platforms like Upwork, LinkedIn, and Fiverr can help you find freelance gigs. This is a good option if you value autonomy and enjoy variety.

In-House Video Editor:

Become part of a company’s marketing or production team, working on internal projects and collaborating with colleagues. You’ll find these opportunities on job boards like Indeed, LinkedIn, or company websites. This route offers stability, benefits, and the chance to learn from experienced colleagues.

Social Media Video Editor:

Create engaging video content for social media campaigns, promoting products or services. This is a fast-paced and dynamic environment where you’ll need to stay on top of trends and audience preferences.

Marketing & Advertising Video Editor:

Edit video content for commercials, explainer videos, or product demos. This role requires a good understanding of marketing principles and the ability to create videos that resonate with target audiences.

Corporate Communications Video Editor:

Produce internal videos for training purposes, presentations, or employee updates. This role involves collaborating with various departments within a company and tailoring content to specific needs.

YouTube Content Creator (with editing skills):

Edit your own video content for a YouTube channel. This can be a great way to build a following and potentially turn your passion into a career. However, it requires additional skills like scriptwriting, SEO optimization, and audience engagement.

Educational Video Editor:

Create educational content for online courses, tutorials, or lectures. This is a niche area that requires understanding different learning styles and presenting information effectively through video.

So, what are you waiting for?

Enroll in our comprehensive video editing course in Calicut right now and take the first step toward a promising career as a video editor.

For enrollment inquiries and course details, contact us at +916282043382